Snowshoeing in the Vail Valley

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A couple hiking along a snow-covered mountain ridge.

East Vail Snowshoeing Trails

Old Vail Pass

Distance: 4.16 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +1,015 feet

Spraddle Creek Rd #737

Distance: 3.86 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +2,489 feet

Eiseman Trail

Distance: 5.8 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +1,441 feet

A pair of snowshoes sitting on top of fresh powder.

West Vail Snowshoeing Trails

Middle Creek Road #719

Distance: 4.7 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +1,441 feet

Lost Lake Trail

Distance: 7.8 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +1,965 feet

Red Sandstone Road #700

Distance: 10.65 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +1,008 feet

Moniger Road #701

Distance: 18.3 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: -1,022 feet

A person snowshoeing along fresh powder.

Minturn Snowshoeing Trails

Stone Creek Trail #2349

Distance: 2.3 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +1,153 feet

Meadow Mountain #748 to Line Shack

Distance: 4.5 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +2,006 feet

West Grouse Creek #2129

Distance: 8.89 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +3,249 feet

Meadow / Grouse Loop

Distance: 6.45 miles (loop)

Elevation Change: 0 feet

Tigiwon Road #707

Distance: 8 miles

Elevation Change: +2,161 feet

Grouse Lake Trail #2127

Distance: 4.56 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +2,863 feet

A group of three people hiking over snow on a mountain.

Homestake Snowshoeing Trails

Pando Loop

Distance: 2 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: 0 feet

Homestake Road

Distance: 10.82 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +1,340 feet

Mitchell Creek Loop

Distance: 7.38 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: 0 feet

A lone hiker trekking through the snow up a mountain.

Leadville North Snowshoeing Trails

No Name Road #705

Distance: 20 miles

Elevation Change: +944 feet

Cooper Loop

Distance: 5.63 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: 0 feet

A snowy landscape featuring cross-country skiing tracks and evergreen trees.

Avon Snowshoeing Trails

Beaver Lake Trail

Distance: 3 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: +1,668 feet

A mountainside covered with snow and cross-country ski tracks.

Edwards Snowshoeing Trails

Moniger Road #701

Distance: 18.3 miles (one way)

Elevation Change: -1,022 feet

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