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Welcome to Vail Valley Lifestyle!  We are thrilled to present this comprehensive website designed to elevate your experience in the beautiful Vail Valley. As locals ourselves, we understand the vibrant lifestyle and countless opportunities for adventure that await you here. Our mission is to serve as your trusted guide for real estate and luxury concierge, ensuring that every moment spent in this remarkable destination is nothing short than extraordinary.

Explore our extensive real estate resources, where you will discover a wealth of information about the various neighborhoods that make up the Vail Valley. Whether you are seeking a cozy mountain retreat or a luxurious ski-in/ski-out or golf course property, our easy-to-use search tools are at your disposal. Additionally, we invite you to tailor your own customized search, allowing you to find the perfect home that aligns with your own unique preferences.

Susan’s Real Estate Journey

Susan’s love for skiing led her on an incredible journey that led her from the vibrant East Coast to the awe-inspiring Vail Valley over three decades ago. Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, Susan’s first taste of the real estate industry came during her high school years when she worked for the leading brokerage in her hometown.

Eager to broaden her horizons, Susan ventured to Boston to pursue her higher education at Northeastern University. During this transformative period, she had the privilege of interning at renowned companies such as General Foods, IBM in Boston, and Computer Science Corporation in Manhattan. These invaluable experiences not only sharpened her professional skills but also instilled in her a deep appreciation for innovation and the delivery of exceptional service.

Armed with her real estate knowledge, a B.S. in Business with a specialization in marketing, and two years of valuable corporate experience, Susan embarked on a new chapter in the breathtaking Vail Valley. In 1986, she joined Century 21, where her business skills and unwavering dedication propelled her to achieve great success, earning her numerous prestigious awards.  It is worth noting that during this period, it was rare to find Realtors under the age of 30. However, Susan’s go-getter attitude, coupled with her genuine care for her clients and their unique needs, quickly positioned her as a trusted expert in the luxury market.

Between 1989 to 1994, fueled by her entrepreneurial spirit, Susan embarked on an exciting venture alongside a couple of partners, opening an ERA franchise.  It was located in Crossroads Shopping Center in Vail Village, which is now known as the luxurious Solaris Residences. This bold move allowed her to further expand her expertise and establish a strong presence in the local real estate market.  With her goal of delivering the best service and experience to her clients, Susan established her high-end boutique company.  Altima Group, Inc. was established in 1994, specializing in luxury real estate and property management. To this day, Susan remains dedicated to refining her skills through ongoing education, active participation in various respected real estate groups nationwide, and staying informed of emerging technologies.  In her pursuit of providing the best service possible, she also offers unique programs tailored to the specific needs of her valued Buyers and Sellers.

Investors, Second Homeowners and Development

Investors:  In addition to her successful real estate sales and property management company, Susan’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to acquire several investment properties.  Through these ventures, she gained invaluable knowledge and expertise with investing and property management, developing a keen understanding of working with investors. This unique insight enabled her to provide clients with comprehensive cash flow analyses, helping them offset the cost of ownership and to make informed decisions when it came to selecting the right properties. As a result, Susan’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and tangible results fostered a strong foundation of repeat and referral business over the years.  Her ability to navigate the intricacies of the market and guide clients towards profitable opportunities has solidified her reputation as a trusted advisor in the realm of real estate investment.

 “Susan was incredibly knowledgeable, really listened very carefully, and screened what was important to us so that we didn’t have to look at numerous properties,” says a Beaver Creek homeowner. “Her negotiating skills helped us obtain a great value!” 

Second Homeowners: Susan’s passion lies in helping second homeowners discover their dream homes.  With her extensive knowledge of luxury properties, she specializes in the highly sought-after areas of Vail Village, Lionshead, Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead and Cordillera. Susan’s familiarity with each location extends beyond the surface, encompassing a deep understanding of the intricacies of the neighborhoods and complexes within these areas. This invaluable insight helps both Buyers and Sellers alike, as Susan possesses the ability to guide individuals to their ideal property and also expertly represent owners in the seamless sale of their homes.

When assisting Buyers with their quest to find the perfect property, Susan goes beyond simply understanding the different locations. She takes the time to attentively listen to their unique needs, considering the ideal home that would best suit their family along with the available amenities, features and benefits they desire. To name a few considerations:

  • Gated communities
  • Privacy – possibly more acreage with homes
  • Ski-in/Ski-out or golf course locations
  • Hiking and biking trails nearby
  • Proximity to golf and skiing
  • Breathtaking views and/or serene treed settings

With her meticulous approach, Susan expertly matches these and other factors to guide Buyers towards finding their dream second home.

Development:  Susan’s journey into the world of home building began in 1994, when she embarked on the construction of her Singletree home. While she had the assistance of a builder, Susan took on most of the design work herself, igniting a deep fascination with the art of home construction. From the inception of the process to its final completion, she was eagerly observing and absorbing knowledge about the intricate process. This initial experience only fueled her passion further, setting the stage for an exciting opportunity that would present itself in 1999.

In 1999, Susan found her perfect development opportunity.  After selecting the right parcels of land for building, she had the privilege of assembling a top-notch team consisting of an architect, builder and investor to design and build 3 multi-million-dollar homes in the prestigious community of Cordillera. Susan worked closely with the team for over 3 years to create these magnificent homes from beginning to end.  Her creative skills extended to interior design, where she personally curated every aspect of the interior space, adorning it with high-end, luxurious finishes. This comprehensive involvement ensured that every detail of the homes exuded elegance and sophistication. Susan’s love for Cordillera grew even more when she made Cordillera her home for a couple of years.

Throughout the 2000’s, Susan’s passion for transforming homes continued.  She undertook the remodeling of several additional properties, continuously honing her skills and expanding her repertoire. The invaluable experience and knowledge she gained from building and remodeling homes now serves as an asset for both her Sellers ad Buyers. Susan possesses a unique perspective, seeing homes from a different perspective. Her understanding of the intricacies of a home allows her to navigate the nuances of each property to help her clients receive guidance and expertise.   


Susan’s affinity for technology has always been a strong suit in her career.  As early as 1996, her company was among the pioneering few in the Vail Valley to have a website, revolutionizing the way real estate was conducted in the Vail Valley. This early adoption of technology sparked an innovative idea in 2006, leading to the creation of Before the term “lifestyle” was widely used, Susan’s created a real estate and lifestyle-oriented website. The site provides clients with invaluable insights into the Vail Valley community, offering information on hiking trails, biking routes, golf courses, snowmobiling spots and much more. Susan’s website serves as a comprehensive guide to navigate through the various neighborhoods while matching the amenities they desire.  Here is how a satisfied Vail Village homeowner expresses his appreciation:

“Susan was incredibly knowledgeable of the Vail Valley and guided us in the right direction as far as location, lifestyle and walk to the Vail Village.  She is even looking for another place for us right now,”

Such testimonials are a testament to Susan’s commitment to her clients and she remains dedicated to helping clients find their ideal properties. Susan recognized the importance of staying ahead of the ever-changing world of technology.  She stays well informed by utilizing local and national resources to enhance the overall experience for her valued clients.

 Experience and Other Services

Experience: With an impressive tenure of over 36 years in Vail Valley real estate, Susan’s longevity speaks volumes about her expertise and commitment to her clients.  Her extensive experience enables her to assist Sellers in maximizing their return on investment in the shortest possible time, while guiding Buyers towards home in communities that perfectly align with their desired lifestyle.  Susan’s intimate familiarity with the neighborhoods and condominium complexes in the Vail Valley allows her to provide insight into the unique benefits and features of the different areas.

Throughout her career, Susan has weathered various market conditions, gaining invaluable expertise that she readily shares with her clients.  Whether navigating a Seller’s market or a Buyer’s market, she remains steadfast in her dedication to providing quality service and delivering optimal results.  Her ability to adapt and thrive in different market conditions ensures that her clients receive the highest level of guidance and support, regardless of the circumstances they may be facing.

Other Services:  As a second homeowner, clients often have concerns about the well-being of their properties when they leave the Vail Valley and return to their primary residences.  With over 30 years of home care experience, Susan has been a trusted partner in providing peace of mind through her Home Care Services.  From conducting routine inspections to efficiently managing repairs and coordinating with service providers, she helps alleviate any worries owners may have. Susan’s network of trusted service providers enables her to offer clients access to reliable and reputable sources, ensuring that their homes are in capable hands, even when they are away.

In addition to her Home Care Services, Susan focuses on enhancing her clients’ stay in the Vail Valley and save valuable time through her exclusive Luxury Concierge Services.  Whether clients are homeowners or visitors in the Vail Valley, they can take advantage of Susan’s extensive network and connections to various activities, restaurants, and adventures.  From arranging exclusive experiences to organizing tailored events, Susan is dedicated to ensuring that her clients make the most of their time in this beautiful community.

In Conclusion…

While skiing initially brought Susan to the breathtaking Vail Valley, her love for the area extends beyond the slopes.  In her free time, she finds joy in rung alongside her beloved dogs, exploring scenic hiking trails, and immersing herself in the beauty of nature through snowshoeing adventures. Susan is also drawn to cultural events and the vibrant dining scene, where she enjoys creating lasting memories with friends and loved ones.

Beyond her personal pursuits, Susan is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others, including the realm of animal welfare. She had dedicated her time to volunteering for a puppy mill rescue group in hopes to find a better life for dogs in need.  She even adopted a dog from this group! Additionally, she volunteered for the Vail Board of Realtors. Giving back is something Susan enjoys accomplishing.

For Susan, the relationships she cultivates with her clients extend beyond the real estate transaction.  Through her personalized approach and genuine care, clients become cherished friends.  Susan’s expertise, combined with her desire to see her clients truly happy, empowers her to guide them through their real estate journey with confidence and ease.  Whether you are buying or selling, Susan’s dedication and personal approach will ensure that your experience is not only smooth but also successful.  With Susan by your side, you can trust that your real estate goals will be achieved with utmost care and attention.

"Susan has provided exceptional real estate and lifestyle services in Vail, Colorado. We are pleased with their professionalism and their experience! Thank you, Susan and Team!"




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