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Hiking Trails--Beaver Creek

Explore the trails, mountains and beauty of Beaver Creek in a way that skiers enjoy all winter. Take the Centennial Express up with your family, have a picnic and enjoy a leisurely stroll down the hillside. If you prefer, you can embark upon on the many exciting trails highlighted below


Beaver Creek Mountain Trail:  Beaver Lake Trail #2109


Beaver Creek Recreation Path: From the easily accessible Elk Lot to the base of the Village at the Elkhorn Lift this trail is a nice alternative to taking the shuttle – 2 miles “easiest”

BC Village Loop: Starting at the base ski slopes take a nice easy walk that skirts the Beaver Creek Tennis Center and out into a nice forested area. Continue up the mountain and back out onto the summer slopes until you pass under the gondola and start heading back to the Village - “easiest”
Five Senses Hiking Trail: Take your fishing pole and your curiosity as you stroll from the Village up the creek to Floods Fishing Pond - “easiest”
Cinch : Well known to locals as a great beginner ski run, Cinch transforms into a beautiful summer trail that connects the Village and the Spruce Saddle Lodge. After warming up your legs connect with the expert PHQ Hill Climb to the summit – 4.5 miles “easiest”
Dally: Similar to the Cinch Trail, this fairly easy trail takes you from the Village up the creek to the base of the Birds of Prey Lift then back East to meet up with the other Centennial Lift area hikes. Feel free to take your bike for a quicker ascent – 4.5 miles “easiest”
Royal Elk Trail: From the top of Overlook trail traverse the face of the of the mountain all the way to mid-way up the Beaver Lake Trail - “intermediate”
Elkhorn Trail: Quiet multi-use trail connecting Beaver Creek Landing and the Village to Village trail – 2.4 miles - “intermediate”
Overlook Trail: This trail can be done in one of two ways…For a more challenging hike make it a round-trip! Starting at the Village hike up to the top of the Centennial Lift and either meet up with another trail to go back down or retrace your steps. Or for a more relaxing jaunt take the Centennial Lift to the top of the trail and take a view-filled walk back down – “intermediate”
Aspen Glade: If you prefer the peace and quiet of a forest canopy this easy access hike is for you! Work up an appetite enjoying a saunter from the Village up to Allie’s Cabin where you can hold any group event while enjoying a great view – “intermediate”
Allies Trail : Recreational hikers and bikers can take a scenic cross mountain amble from Allie’s Cabin area to the base of the Birds of Prey Express Chairlift – 1 mile - “intermediate”
Beaver Lake Trail : From top of either Five Senses or Lost Buck Spur Trails up around the west side of Grouse Mountain where the lake rests at 9,746 ft. If you continue on this trail it will eventually take you to Turquoise Lake on the South side of Grouse Mountain - “intermediate”
Lost Buck: Hike or bike your way up this short, gorgeous trail to either meet up with the Village to Village Trail or just to give your legs a little stretch - 1.7 miles - “intermediate”
Village to Village: This is the longest hike of the area and lives up to its namesake! You can start in any of the three villages and take a nice stroll to any of the other villages and/or trails – 3 miles - “intermediate”
PHQ Hill Climb: To the Summit! 11,440 feet! Biking is also allowed on this must-do trail so enjoy with caution – 2.7 miles - “expert”

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