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Yoder Gulch

Length: 6.31 miles     Trail Use: Moderate
Difficulty: More Difficult    Open To: 4WD, OHV, Biking, Hiking
Beginning Elevation: 9,240 ft.   Ending Elevation: 11,705 ft.
Elevation Gain: +2,465 ft.   USGS Map(s): Mt Holy Cross

Access from Vail: From I-70, take Exit 171 for Minturn and Hwy. 24. Turn right and continue south on Hwy. 24 approximately 20 miles to the Yoder Gulch Trailhead.  It will be on your right across from Camp Hale there is not a sign for the road, but there are some old railroad tracks you need to follow until you reach a very steep uphill turn to the right. 

Trail Highlights:  This trail is considered to be the most difficult in the Holy Cross Wilderness and should not be taken lightly, especially in wet conditions.  It is typical to take Yoder Gulch to No Name road and exit that way or vise versa.  Along the trail there are three spots that can be difficult obstacles in wet or muddy conditions (you may even need a winch).  The first is a slippery section with a steep uphill directly after that will lean you into a tree if you are not careful.  The second is close after and has water flowing through it.  The mud can be sticky here making it difficult, but it shouldn’t be too bad.  Not too far after this you will intersect with the end of the Wurts Ditch Trail, and if you do not have enough clearance or want to protect your paint you may want to take this trail out.  After this intersection you reach a marshy area with very high brush that causes the trail to narrow significantly.  The foliage may touch the side of your vehicle.  The third muddy section is not too far after and can be the most difficult of the three.  There are large ruts all along a fairly long and slick mud bog and if you do not have enough clearance it will be easy to get stuck.  There are also no trees to winch from in the area so you will want to have another vehicle with you.  You will pass the No Name trail a little ways after this if you would like to take it out.  At the end of the Yoder Gulch trail there is a parking lot with a hiking area.

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