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Sneve Gulch-FDT 1872


Difficulty:                  Moderate

Trail Use:                  Heavy

Length:                     2.45 miles

Elevation:                 Starts at 8606 ft, ends at 10,245 ft, highest point 10,245 ft

Elevation Gain:       +1639 feet

Open To:                  Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking


Access :   Travel on Brush Creek Road from Eagle for 10 miles until you get to the fork of East and West Brush Creek.   Turn right onto West Brush Creek Rd., FDR 400 and travel for 4.4 miles just past the Sylvan Lake State Park entrance.   The trailhead is just past the entrance on the left. 

Trail Highlights :   The trail begins in aspen and climbs up steeply to an overlook of Sylvan Lake.   This well-marked, maintained trail has grades that will vary from 4-22 % while passing through open meadows, aspen, spruce, fir and lodge pole pine forest.   At the upper end of the trail, it enters a cool coniferous forest and crosses a small intermittent stream.  At the end, the trail fades out in a grassy aspen grove just past a small meadow, from this point if you wish to continue, head to the left through an aspen grove and then you will come out on an old logging road, FDR 436.   Parts of the trail have views of Red Table Mountain to the southwest and the high, red sandstone cliffs of Mount Eve to the north. Various types of wildflowers can be seen on the lower part of the trail including harebells, sego lilies, paintbrushes, wild rose bushes and asters. Near the top of the trail you will find sunflowers, lupines, and wild geraniums.

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