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Slide Lake

Length: 2.9 miles     Trail Use: Moderate
Difficulty: Moderate    Open To: 4WD, OHV, Biking, Hiking
Beginning Elevation: 10,648 ft.   Ending Elevation: 11,585 ft.
Elevation Gain: +937 ft.   USGS Map(s): Mt Holy Cross

Access from Vail: From I-70, take Exit 171 for Minturn and Hwy. 24. Turn right and continue south on Hwy. 24 to about 8 miles before Leadville and take a right on FDR 100.  You will reach a fork shortly and will want to take the right side this is Slide Lake Road FDR 145. 

Trail Highlights:  The trail is fairly short and easy compared to others in the area, but it is an extremely scenic drive.  The “10th Mountain Hut” of the 10th Mountain Hut System is along the way and Slide Lake is a gorgeous fishing spot.  There is also a popular mountain biking trail at the end of the 4WD trail.  The trail begins by weaving through the trees and then eventually opens up into a meadow with views of the surrounding mountains such as Homestake Peak and the Continental Divide.   

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