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Sledding and Tubing in the Vail Valley

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It's Not Just for Kids...

If you grew up in Vail, Minturn, Leadville or any other snowy Colorado town, the chances are good that you have gone sledding on a least one occasion. You may have taken a trash can lid or a garbage bag, or you may have been lucky enough to own a store-bought disk, tube or toboggan.

A child wearing a red coat and sledding on a snowy hill.

Chances are you and your friends had a designated hill that was yours for the exploring, and you spent days on end creating new routes to make you go faster, longer and higher. This time-honored tradition is as prevalent today among kids and adults everywhere as it has been for decades. 

If you were not one of these kids of the snow hills, don't fret! It is never too late to start enjoying the underestimated "sport" of sledding.

Here's Where to Have Some Winter Fun

Whether you live in the Vail Valley full time or are visiting for a weekend, there is a cheap and exciting activity in the form of sledding waiting to put a smile on your face. Although the activity can be enjoyed in numerous ways and in various places, there are three typical subdivisions of the sport practiced regularly: regulated-recreation, unregulated-recreation and backcountry.

Regulated-Recreation Sledding and Tubing

The first way to take pleasure in the sport is by far the safest and easiest way for little ones or first-timers to take part. Adventure Ridge on top of Vail Mountain is a regulated sledding and tubing hill in the Vail Valley, and it also offers plenty of winter activities (especially for children) in addition to sledding.

Unregulated-Recreation Sledding and Tubing

One of the most appealing characteristics of sledding, which has laid the foundation for its popularity, is the delight of playing in the snow for next to nothing. This brings us to the next and by far most popular subdivision of sledding: unregulated recreation. The mountainous nature of the Vail Valley landscape is a sanctuary for all winter activities including sledding. There are a handful of popular hills among locals and tourists, and hundreds of not-so-popular hills for the more adventurous: the cemetery, and a somewhat rocky hill behind Costco, and other more remote sites on Meadow Mountain.

The recommended way to enjoy this type of sledding, however, is wherever and whenever you and your friends want and in whatever way you want!

Backcountry Sledding and Tubing

It would be a rare day indeed when a snow sport was invented and not a single soul took it to the extreme. Snow and extreme seem to go hand in hand and sledding is no exception to the rule. The backcountry of the Rocky Mountains is famous for its steep powdery slopes, its cliff-rich ridges and expansive mountain bowls. Sledding is a cheap and accessible way for the thrill-seeker to enjoy their extensive backyard.

Custom sleds have been designed over the years that include bindings and pads for comfort and maneuverability when taking on untouched terrain. Extreme sledders can be seen breaking ground on mountain steeps, kickers and jumps, and even rails and other urban obstacles.

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As you can see, sledding is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone no matter their age, skill or ambition. So this winter, get out there and give it a try! The photos featured on our website are a collection from various people enjoying the many activities in the Vail Valley.

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