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Red Cliff

The town that is not for the faint of heart!  That is, anyone afraid of heights may be in for an adventure arriving in Red Cliff.   Red Cliff is situated south of Minturn off of Route 24 and has one of the most beautiful scenic drives!  You will travel through switch backs as you climb the mountain towards the town.  As the road winds along the side of the mountain, you will see gorgeous mountains and a river below.  You will pass through an old, deserted mining town know as Gilman.  Right before you turn into the road which takes you to Red Cliff, you will see a classic bridge which will leave you in awe.  The topography is so breathtaking and adventurous, that Hollywood movies have scenes which feature this area and beyond!

Red Cliff has a popular restaurant known as “Mangos” which people will take a special trip just to experience.  This town is great for outdoor enthusiasts with nature surrounding it!  There are great hiking and biking trails.  In the summer, it is also fun to start at the top of Vail Pass and drive in the back country to Red Cliff.  You certainly don’t want to miss seeing this town!

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