Our Luxury Concierge Services

How we enhance your stay while in the Vail Valley:

You may be wondering how a personal concierge makes a difference for you. We save you time while you go out and enjoy our world class resort! We also utilize our local connections to create a better experience. You may be surprised to learn how much this makes a difference for you. Here are a few examples of how we assist you:

We have a complete list of services on our main luxury concierge page. Below we have featured a few of our popular services. In addition to our services, we share how we make your life easier by offering our high quality and tailored services to meet your needs and our promises to you. Scroll down to find out more!

Who We Help








Special Events


Corporate Retreats


How do you begin to select a fabulous condo or home? With a wide range of locations and style of properties, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. This is why we are here for you! We take into account proximity to ski or golf as well as amenities that you require. There are many other factors involved when find the right lodging and we know how to best direct you. For more details, please go to our Vacation Planning section.


Not sure the best way to get around town or to and from airports? We can assist or advise your best option for getting to an activity or dinner. We also will help arrange transportation to both Eagle and Denver airports.

Ski Rentals

How would you like a 20% discount? Not only do we offer you a discount but we help you decide if you prefer a customized delivery of your equipment or prefer an in store experience. Our people will help ensure you receive the right equipment with a smile! To get this benefit, please go to our ski rental page.


With the wide variety of restaurants in the Vail Valley, how do you know which place to select? Do you know which restaurants are best for family/casual and your best options for fine dining? What if you are looking for a Colorado experience, which includes dinner? With over 34 years in the Vail Valley along with our contacts, we know how to guide you to your best options.

Groceries and Deliveries

Would you like to arrive in Vail and have your grocery shopping done and put away? How about that special bottle of wine or favorite beverage waiting for you to toast to your amazing time in the Vail Valley? Our services his will make this happen. Contact us to find out how to personalize your deliveries.


How do you select the right activity for you and your family? Do you know there can be more then one option for your specific activity? Are you aware of the various locations where these activities are based? Our local knowledge will help you determine the right activity and location for you.


Our personal concierges produce customized itinerary for you based on your goals for your time in Vail. Our number one priority is you! Please contact us to begin creating your ideal plan for the Vail Valley.

Luxury Concierge Page

Please visit our main luxury concierge page for other exciting ways we can assist you.

Why our luxury services make a difference:

We take pride in making your life easier and better while saving time during your stay in the Vail Valley. By offering high quality, highly tailored luxury concierge services, you receive the personal touch that you deserve. We accomplish this by understanding your requirements, setting up a schedule that meets your needs and getting to know your tastes so that the right choices are made. Here are some examples of why you might need our guidance:

  • Are you coming up to the mountains from the Denver area for a weekend trip and want to make of most of your time?
  • You and your family are arriving for 5 to 7 day stay or longer and would like a trip planned for you, especially if you are not familiar with the Vail Valley. Even if you know our area, you may not want to deal with the details since you prefer to be taking advantage of what the Vail Valley has to offer.
  • Do you own a home in the Vail Valley and simply want to enjoy your time instead of worrying about scheduling activities, purchasing groceries, and making dinner reservations?
  • You want to surprise someone with a special dinner that requires extra attention. You would like plan a small party for family and friends and would like a private chef or caterer but you are not sure who will provide a quality and delicious meal.
  • Or, do you simply want to enjoy one activity but don’t know where to go? We can guide you to your best option and book the trip for you.
  • We offer customized services for special occasions. Are you looking for that special moment and place to propose to your girlfriend? We know locations and photographers along with restaurants with delicious cuisine to celebrate. We have other ideas to share as well!

Please contact us to find out more ways we can serve you!

What we promise:

Our luxury concierge service is to ensure you have a wonderful time during your time in the Vail Valley. Through our expertise, professionalism, knowledge and connections, your experience will be elevated so that when you leave, you can not wait to return. Here are our promises to you:

    • Your confidentiality is key to our business.
    • You are our number one priority, and we will work with you as though you are our only client.
    • We are available to you and will be in regular communication to make sure you are satisfied with the itinerary we prepared for you. We are always happy to answer questions.
    • If your plans change, we will do our best to accommodate you.
    • We are passionate about delivering the most rewarding experience each day with great care and attention to detail.
    • Are you looking for the ideal location for a corporate retreat? We will customize and plan your entire trip from accommodations, activities, dining, transportation and excursions for your company. We want your retreat to be an experience everyone will remember!

As you can see, there are numerous way our luxury concierge services can benefit you. Please go to our main concierge page to find out about all the exciting ways we can enhance your stay in the Vail Valley. If you are ready to begin saving time and having more fun, please complete our concierge checklist. Thank you and we are looking forward to being your personal concierge!