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New York Mountain-FDT 1876


Difficulty:                   Moderate

Trail Use:                    Low

Length:                       4.36 miles

Elevation:                   Starts at 9706 ft, ends at 11,146 ft, highest point 12,171 ft

Elevation Gain:          +1440 feet

Open To:                    Hiking, horseback riding


Access : Travel 16.5 miles east from Eagle on I-70 to the Edwards exit and head south towards the town and Hwy. 6.   At Hwy. 6 turn right, heading west, for 0.7 miles to Lake Creek Rd., turn left, south, at the National Forest Access sign.   Travel on this road for 1.8 miles and turn right onto West Lake Creek Road.   Travel 2.7 miles to the Baryeta Cabins Rd., FDR 423, and turn right at the switchback. This road will become a rough, rutted, 4-wheel drive road for 3.2 miles until it ends at the Baryeta Cabins site.   The trailhead is on the right hand side just before you get to the cabin site, parking is at the turn-around only. 

Trail Highlights :   The trail is steep at first passing through spruce/fir, aspen and some hill-side meadows look for the Forest Service blazes if the trail becomes hard to follow.   On the ridge top the trail becomes easy to follow and then enters an old timber cut and follows an old logging road for a ways.   While on the ridge top there are excellent views of the New York Mountain range.   After passing the Polar Star Inn and the intersection with New York Lake-FDT 2221, the trail will intersect with an old road; follow this road to the left up the hill and to a meadow at tree line.   Heading south across a slope the trail will eventually intersect with Nolan Lake-FDT 1898.   The last mile of the trail is very faint and hard to follow.

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