Vail Valley Lifestyle’s Mascot


Hi!  I was brought to the Vail Valley from Colorado Springs in a large vehicle transportation at least 9 of us looking to get adopted.  The wonderful people of the Vail Valley put together an adoption drive and we all got adopted!  Yeah!  My now Mom, Susan Rollins found me from one of the local representative’s organization.  I was called Ford before I met my Mom and now I love my name, Pierce. Here is my story:

I am from a puppy mill in Missouri and I wasn’t good enough to be sold in a puppy store so I was left behind with many other unwanted dogs.  Although I was only 4 or 5 months, I only had a short time left to live.  Out of the blue, along came this amazing group of people who rescued me and brought me to Colorado Springs.  Once we took our trip to Vail, my new Mom was waiting for me.  She brought me home that night and I was like a crazy puppy running around all over the place.  I couldn’t believe I wasn’t in a cage.  My new family made me comfortable on a blanket and I was in heaven!  Although I was scared and didn’t know my surroundings, I knew I was safe.

Soon I was able to meet my brother and sister.  My sister made me so happy!  She took care of me and played with me continuously!  I am practically smiling!  It took a little longer for my brother to get used to me but he soon came around.  Now we all hang out side and go for lots of walks!

My best part of the day is going to work. We all climb in our car and go to our cool office in Riverwalk.  Here I sit outside and everyone stops to say Hi!  The kids are especially happy to see me.  Now that snow is on its way, I will be inside watching the snow fall.  I very excited to be the Vail Valley Mascot!  I am going to be doing so many fun things and sharing it with you!  If you have fun stories and pictures to share, please email us!  Maybe we can put you in our photo blog!

I look forward to taking this journey with you…..

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