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10th Mountain Division Huts

Eiseman Trail Hut

Located at 11,180’ north of East Vail this hut boasts stunning and unique views of the Vail Ski Resort and the towering Gore Range.  It is accessible by either the Spraddle Creek Trailhead or Red Sandstone Creek Trailhead in the summer with mileages of 6.8 and 7.9 miles, respectively.  Or in the winter it is accessible by either the Red Sandstone Creek Trailhead or the Eiseman Trailhead with mileages 9.6 and 15.7, respectively. 

Shrine Mountain Inn

Located only 2.7 miles from I-70 these huts are a great choice for first timers and large groups.  A total of 36 people can be accommodated between the three huts that make up the Shrine Mountain Inn.  Jays Cabin, Walters Cabin, and Chucks Cabin consist of two stories with hot and cold running water, indoor facilities, and a sauna.  The latter of the two cabins have the upstairs and downstairs separated for renting purposes.  The upstairs rooms must be booked all at once for $246/night and can sleep 6 people.  The downstairs is communal lodging and can be booked individually for $27-$41/night.  For the easiest and shortest access use the Vail Pass trailhead, although several other trailheads can be used.

Fowler Hilliard Hut

At timberline and 11,500’ the Fowler Hilliard Hut is a rugged experience with a spectacular view.  It can be accessed from Vail Pass, Red Cliff, Pando, Jackal Hut, or Shrine Mountain Inn with varying distances of 5 to 14 miles. 

Janet’s Cabin

A gorgeous Montana pine log cabin bordering the Copper Mountain Ski Resort this 3,000 square foot cabin is a haven for snow worshippers.  The large raised deck offers views of the back bowls and the sauna a little rest for the weary.  The cabin is available all winter with limited availability in the summer and the cost is $31/person.  Vail Pass and Copper Mountain are the best trailheads to access the cabin with mileages of 5.4 and 5.5 miles, respectively

Jackal Hut

Located north of Leadville on the outskirts of the Camp Hale training facility this hut adds a little bit of history to your adventure.  Visit in the winter and you can experience what it may have been like to live and train in the rugged Colorado Rockies.  The hut can be accessed from several trailheads, but the most common are from South Camp Hale, Vance’s Cabin, and the Fowler-Hiliard Hut with mileages ranging from 4.7 to 13.1.

Vance’s Cabin

Situated on a densely forested hillside near Tennessee Pass this privately owned Cabin features a wrap around deck for après ski sun worshipping.  The hut can be accessed in the winter from Tennessee Pass, Jackal Hut, and South Camp Hale with mileages of 3.1, 8.5, and 7.9, respectively. 

Sangree M. Froelicher Hut

Formerly the Belvedere Hut the Sangree Hut is named after Staff Sergeant Froelicher of the 86th Mountain Infantry whom was killed in Italy in 1945.  This spacious lodge also contains a 600 square foot Alpine Resource Center for use by non-profits participating in the Backcountry Exploration Program.  The space boasts a heat stove, a comfortable reading area, a study, and a seminar area.  Parking for this hut is located off of Highway 91 between mile markers 4 and 5 and is marked with a public parking sign.

Continental Divide Cabin

This centrally located cabin serves as a connection between the 10th Mountain Division Hut, Sangree’s Hut, and Vance’s Cabin.  It also features 15 miles of beginner and intermediate cross-country ski trails close by.  If you do not access this cabin from one of the other huts it is easily accessible from Tennessee pass. 

10th Mountain Division Hut

Cradled at the timberline of the grandiose peaks of the Continental Divide is a great destination for a single hut trip or as a connector hut.  Dozens of trails for all seasons are available right outside the front door.  The hut can be accessed from either Tennessee Pass or Crane Park.

Uncle Bud’s Hut

Named to honor the 10th Mountain Divisions “Bud” Winter whom was killed in Italy in 1945 this hut allows for unbeatable views of Mount Massive and Bald Eagle Mountain.  It is also one of the three huts (Skinner and Betty Bear) that allow for travel over Hagerman Pass to the Frying Pan Drainage and creates a loop for strong skiers.  Uncle Bud’s is easily accessed from Turquoise Lake in Leadville.

Skinner Hut

Only experienced backcountry adventurers should attempt this hut.  Glacier Creek offers a popular route to the hut, but contains an extremely steep climb and descent.  Bush Creek is an easier route physically, but requires adept navigational skills.  However, if you are up to the challenge the reward is gorgeous views of Mt. Sherman and the Mosquito Mountains.  Please contact the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association for more information on reaching this hut.

Betty Bear Hut

A great hut for the intermediate skier the trail is relatively smooth with exception of a fairly steep climb directly before the hut.  Betty Bear can be accessed from Skinner Hut via Hagerman Pass.  This route stays above timberline for quite awhile which can lend to wind and whiteouts, but is fairly benign otherwise. 

Benedict Huts

Within this system the Benedict Huts are the closest to Aspen.  There are two cabins at this site, Fritz and Fabi, named as such in honor of a husband and wife whom took a large part in the inception of the Hut System.  These huts are only open for the winter time and offer a great link to the westernmost side of the hut system.  Access is made from the Upper Hunter Creek trailhead and is located at 5.8 miles. 

McNamara Huts

The two original huts of the 10th Mountain System, Margy’s Hut and McNamara Hut, were named in honor of Margy McNamara the wife of former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.  The secluded area and forest scenery of this hut offers a relaxing and cozy stay for intermediate and expert skiers alike.  This site is closed in the summer and can be accessed from either Upper Hunter Creek or Margy’s Hut. 

Margy’s Hut

Please refer to the McNamara Huts description for a brief history of this hut.  This milestone construction set the foundation for the current system.  Access can be made via several trailheads, please contact the 10th Mountain Association for more information.

Harry Gates Hut

The largest of the 10th Mountain huts Harry Gates Hut is located at the Sawatch Mountain foothills.  Since the hut is situated at only 9,700’ the surrounding mountains seem that much more spectacular as they stretch above 12,000’.  Many Trailheads can be used to access this gorgeous hut, please contact the 10th Mountain Association for more details.

Peter Estin Hut

Situated northwest of Charles Peak and with views of the Elk and Williams Mountains the Peter Estin Hut is centrally located for numerous outdoor adventures.  The most popular trail to access this site is Yeoman Park south of Eagle. 

Polar Star Inn

Carl’s Cabin is also located at the Polar Star Inn, but is booked through a separate organization.  Both of these cabins are situated near the New York Mountains and are situated within short proximity of Edwards and Eagle.  The Polar Star Inn has a spacious wrap-around deck that is perfect for watching infamous Colorado sunsets.  Yeoman Park or West Lake Creek trailheads are good choices for accessing this area.

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